Dalek upgrade & maintenance

For some time I've been meaning to do maintenance work on the workings of the Dalek plus some of the parts to make it look even more menacing. The COVID-19 lockdown has now given me that chance.Starting with the internal electrics for the voice modulator, speaker, gun and lighting, I bought terminal connectors from Amazon … Continue reading Dalek upgrade & maintenance


Creating the Claw

Project ID: Creating the 'Dalek Claw' using blueprints downloaded from Dalek City (website exterminated).Time Period: 19 August 2011 to 9 April 2012As part of the upgrade of the gun box, I've also decided I would like the Dalek to have the option of either have a plunger or claw as an appendage. Blueprint of the Dalek claw … Continue reading Creating the Claw

Upgrading the Wheels

Project ID: Dalek's new wheels.Time Period: July 2011During the summer work commenced on modernising the Dalek to make it easier to operate and also look better on camera.To mark the finish of the Dalek's first modification, a short and explosive film, Dalek's New Wheels was made. Trolley base ideal for the wheels and seat https://youtu.be/seHfw-M0ic8 Dalek's new wheels - in action

Upgrading the Gun Box

Project ID: Upgrade of the gun box using blueprints downloaded from Dalek City (website exterminated).Time Period: 24 July 2011 to 27 July 2011When I made the original gun box, there were no blueprints showing how this was made, so measurements for this was guesswork, and therefore inaccurate.Since the Daleks returned in 2005, the game was on for … Continue reading Upgrading the Gun Box