Here are films made since 1995 starting with the most recent.

To start with, here are the MyCam Studio Network logos used over the years.


Doctor Who TARDISodes

Whilst making the TARDIS Console, I came up with an idea of how Doctor Who mythology caused the pandemic of Coronavirus aka COVID-19. Titled COVID, this TARDISode was the first of a few solo character film projects made during the pandemic.

Here are some teaser trailers that contain some clues to what really caused the pandemic…

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
Doctor Who 1 – COVID
Doctor Who 2 – Master of Death

The episode Master of Death fills in the gap between the episodes Utopia and The Sound of Drums.

Doctor Who 3 – Planet Unknown
Doctor Who 4A – Master of Deception

Planet Unknown was the first episode that featured some location work at Parys Mountain, which became an alien world backdrop for this explosive episode.

Doctor Who 4B – Master of Deception
Doctor Who 5 – Master of Dimensions

2020 – Project Muppet Show

To celebrate the life of Jim Henson, I recreated some of my fondest Muppet moments using a combination of chromakey, CGI, puppetry and a touch of magic for this outstanding film.

Here are links to the blogs on the making of this.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Also, you can read the Jim Henson tribute about the wonderful creator of the Muppets.

The Muppet Show

2019 – New Beginnings

Here is a test effect of the Quantum Leap effect created in After Effects. Perhaps this will be seen in a future project. An idea for a crossover between Quantum Leap and Doctor Who perhaps? Only time will tell!

The footage used is taken from The Last Gourmand.

Quantum Leap – test effect

Here are some test effects for Mirror Mirror.

Mirror test effect
Through the mirror
(test effect)

2018 – The Last Gourmand

The Last Gourmand was a film that had been in the making since 1999 based on a short story written by Donald Honig. The main reason for not making the film back in 1999 was a lack of good quality editing facilities to create the effects required in the film.

The Last Gourmand
Screen Test
The Last Gourmand
Before & After Effects
The Last Gourmand

In 2018, The Emojis was created as an experimental animation using the camera app in the Samsung Galaxy 9 to create emoji caricatures by taking a photo of a person and turning their shot into an emoji.

The expressions of the emojis can then be manipulated simply by having the operator make expressions towards the camera and record these to later install in the films as shown below.

The Emojis – Pilot
The Emojis – Misunderstood

2017 – 20 years of MSN

Here is a series about the renovation of Brynteg, a cottage in the Isle of Anglesey.

Brynteg Part 1: Preparation for Renovation
Brynteg Part 2: Preview
Doctor Who title sequence

2016 – CSO & CGI

Chrome was loosely based on The Bodysnatchers with the format of film making being similar to Cloverfield.

The original story opened with the main character giving a broadcast about the invasion and as he sends it, his doppelganger burst into the room to kill him. This would follow with the broadcast travelling through space before opening up on an unknown monitor where the viewer watches the full video sequence of the same character starting his story about the alien invasion, which would have been illustrated by a series of news clips of the invasion unfolding.

When the video concluded as seen at the beginning, the viewer’s voice would be heard saying the captives have been found, which would conclude the story.

However, due to lack of resources and actors, this short version was made.


To mark 50 years of Coronation Street, the scene, The French Lesson, was made in 2010 with Warrington Cine & Video Society members playing the role of Ken and Raquel.

The film was remade in 2016 using one actor who played all the parts. This was made as a film test to see if a one-man-band could play all parts and set up the shots.

Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2010 version)
Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2016 version)

The following idents were made using Google programs, Google Maps and Google Earth, to capture the graphics that were later processed through the edit suite to get the end product.

Radio City 96.7FM ident
(made on SketchUp)
Granada Television ident
(made on SketchUp)
BBC idents 1962-85
(made on Pinnacle Studio)

Here is a collection of Doctor Who related special effects tests.

Green Screen Test
Green Screen Test
(behind the scenes)
Christmas Dalek
Dalek Hack

2015 – 20 years of film making

The following versions of the Thames TV ident show the difference in the quality of digital effects and quality editing between the edit suites used over the years.

Thames TV ident
(made on Aist MovieDV, which was
used from 2003 to 2007)
Thames TV ident
(made on Pinnacle Studio, which was
used from 2008 to 2009)
Thames TV ident
(made on After Effects
used from 2010 onwards)
Warrington version of
Thames TV ident

2013 – Year of Test Effects

Here are a collection of After Effects test films made with the help of video tutorials from www.videocopilot.net.

Goin’ Down
Chrome trailer

The film Wheels was the first big film project made using the Sony Z7 and After Effects.


An upgrade to Adobe Master Collection CS6 from CS3 took place, which would add top-quality HD edits with blockbuster-style effects.

Llangollen to Lymm in 15 minutes
Asteroid Hits Earth

In 2012 spiritualists visited a house near Warrington Town Centre to exorcise some spirits that were disturbing the lives of the homeowners. Ghost Watch is the full video diary of what went on during the exorcism.

In Llangollen, there was another opportunity to create a video diary of further spiritual activity. However, no audio was recorded due to the microphone being switched off by error prior to recording. Although the footage was of no use, the travel back to Warrington opened an opportunity to create a time-lapse of the journey.

Ghost Watch

During 2012 LGBT Warrington formed and organised Warrington’s first Warrington Pride event. Here are some simple film promotions for the group and event.

LGBT Warrington ident
LBGT Warrington Promotion
Warrington Pride Promotion
Warrington Pride Feedback

2010 – 15 years of film making

Here is a selection of Muppet Magic where CGI sets were created for the films with a behind the scenes documentary of how they were created.

The Muppet Show
opening sequence
Baby Face
Lights, Camera, Action
Green Screen
Keep Your ‘Eye’ On The Camera
Why You Shouldn’t Strain
15 Years of Film Making

Fake news of 2009

Warrington Computer Virtual Studios was a fictional news program made by members of the Warrington Cine & Video Society. Groups were made where each was given a topic to film, which was later put together with the newsreader giving an introduction to each story.

During the making of this film, one of the crew members died suddenly from a heart attack. His footage for the studio work was lost, so a second newsreader was written into the film using the idea taken from Max Headroom, whereby he was a CGI character that malfunctioned halfway through the news program.

2009 saw Let’s Cook With Pete being the first film made using the new Sony Z7 camera.

Warrington Computer Virtual Studios
Hidden Camera Prank
Let’s Cook With Pete

2008 – Dealing with the Supernatural

In 2008 Crossed Wires was made to test the potential of the green screen at Warrington Cine & Video Society. That year Do You Know What It Is Yet won a competition whereby a film was to be created to a piece of music.

Finally, to welcome home 2 puppy cocker spaniel sisters, Bramble and Holly, It’s A Dog’s Life was made to mark the occasion. This was the first film that was edited in the new Pinnacle Studio edit suite.

It’s A Dog’s Life
Do You know What It Is Yet?
Crossed Wires

2008 saw Nomad Soul, a film about a jealous man who used the power of astral travel to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

Filming started in the spring and concluded in the autumn. During this time the house was being renovated, which meant tight camera angles in the lounge were used to hide the sudden change of layout of the room as a result of the renovation.

By the time the scene featuring Bramble was recorded, her training was developed enough so I could get her to do the actions in her scenes.

Nomad Soul Trailer 1
Nomad Soul Trailer 2
Nomad Soul Trailer 3
Nomad Soul Trailer 4
Nomad Soul

2007 – 10 years old

This film was made as a bit of fun to test the potential of the editing features of Aist MovieDV.

Sketchy Weather

SFX tests of 2005-2006

This film was made as a bit of fun to test the potential of the Sony V6000 camera’s time-lapse.

Opening of a Flower

These Eastenders Mock Titles were made to test the potential of CSO and animation in the Aist MovieDV edit suite.

Eastender Mock 1
Eastender Mock 2
Eastenders Mock 3
Eastenders Closing Mock

Mahna Manha was the first film where I was able to properly set up a blue screen to create chromakey magic.

Mahna Mahna
Mahna Manha
(the making of)

The Screenplay of 2003

Work commenced on the screenplay of Genesis of a Time Lord, a Doctor Who feature based on Cystic Fibrosis. This episode was loosely based on the book written in 1998.

Genesis of a Time Lord
GOAT trailer – alternative ending 1
GOAT trailer – alternative ending 2
Genesis of a Time Lord
(2007 edit)
Genesis of a Time Lord
(2009 edit)

College films of 1998

The spring of 1998 saw a sequence of films that were scripted and time spent planning the shots for the scenes.

Like with Ghost Story and What A Mess, Behind Covered Eyes and Peabodies In Space were experimental films to test the potential of filming techniques.

Deja Vu was created at the film group, Lights, Camera, Action that took place at Orford Youth Centre. A lot of planning for the car accident stunt that was put together using a series of shots that gave the illusion of someone being run over.

Behind Covered Eyes
Peabodies In Space
Deja Vu

Developments of 1997

The spring of 1997 saw a sequence of films made using the ‘new’ Hi8 Samsung camcorder. These were lightly scripted.

Ghost Story and What A Mess were experimental films to test the potential of the camcorder and video player features. FRANK advert was created at the film group, Lights, Camera, Action that took place at Orford Youth Centre.

Ghost Story
What a mess!
FRANK advert

Films of 1996

The spring of 1996 saw a sequence of films made during weekends away at the caravan in Wetherby. The idea behind these films was to make a short feature based around a particular object. There was no script. They were fully improvised and all editing was done using the in-camera editing technique. Music was added when transferred to VHS and later when transferred to a computer, other sounds and visual effects were added.

The Skates, The Bike & The Crash
The Stool
Ball Bother