Welcome to MyCam Studio Network

Founded in 1995, MyCam Studio Network started life as a small amateur filmmaking hobby with basic films using in-camera editing being created and built up to films being given a high-tech professional finish.

The camera used is a Sony Z7, a High Definition camcorder, which has three CCDs one for each primary colour of light whereby better colour information can be gathered, processed, and recorded than by one single CCD camcorder.
The CompactFlash cards used are ultra-fast 400x performance with four-channel support.
An ideal choice for professional filmmaking.

Edit Suite
Using applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, have been my editing tools for creating the magic put into filmmaking. Whether it be a basic edit or includes digital FX, music and/or titles, my films always have a professional touch to them.

Check out my film portfolio for work I’ve done.